Sunday, April 30, 2006

[Knitting] Still I Finished Some Objects

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Hideous Working Project will start its service in May. That means 1 or 2 more months to go to me.

I'm still awfully busy. Average time I spend in my house per day is less than 6 hours on weekday.
But hopefully it would get better after the second week in May.

And I also knit. Maybe I'm very good at finding time for knitting. Maybe Too Good.

This is hedera from 2006 spring Knitty.
I thought, "I must knit them!" when I first saw them. I happened to have the yarns the pattern calls for in different shade. I've bought Rowan 4ply Soft to knit gloves at first. But, you see, they turned into a pair of socks.

I enjoyed extemely well knitting this sock. The yarn is gorgeous and the pattern is fun to knit. Rowan 4ply Soft might be too luxurious for socks, but I'm very happy with this yarn and also satisfied with the result.

I used aluminum size 1 double pointed needles. I'm the one for those double pointed needles. It is delightful to knit sock, glove, mitten, and so on with them. I did used 2 circular needles to knit a pair of socks all at once, it was an interesting experience, but it was not as fun as the one double-pointed needles give me.
Well, circular or double pointed is a matter of personal preference as well as the material of the needles.
I usually use bamboo needles and these days, I sometimes use rosewood or ebony. I don't like plastic needles very much.
And I think aluminum needles are also not for me. They make my hands ache.

But that gives me a time to knit these socks. I had to stop knitting before my hands ach. I knit more slowly than usual and I had very good time knitting.



  • The socks look great! I love that colour too.

    I prefer "natural" materials when it comes to knitting needles too. It feels gentler for the hands, I think.

    Will there be any knitting events in Japan at the World Wide Knit In Public-Day on the 10th of June? We will probably organize a picnic in Stockholm, I hope that there will be many people there.

    By Blogger katarinaw, At 11:47 PM  

  • Hello, Katarina.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my Hedera. I love this colour and I've made a scarf /w Rowan Wool Cotton in it, too.

    I'm for your opinion on the needles. I think I'm just a challenger.

    And World Wide Knit in Public Day! I've seen photos of you all last year. I'm not sure if there are any events around here; it was none last year. It must be wonderful time of the year for a picnic in Stockholm.

    By Blogger Garyo, At 11:52 AM  

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