Sunday, October 05, 2014

VÄV 2014 i Umeå

I've been to Umeå, Sweden last month. VÄV 2014 was taken place there from 18 to 20 September.
  VÄV 2014 i Umeå

 Though I don't weave at all, it was such a great and fun opporunity to go to VÄV 2014.

There I met many knitters and I bought some yarns to knit at a booth of Östergötlands Ullspinneri.
I saw a lot of booths selling knitting yanrs there. Wool yarns, silk yarns, cotton yarns, and so on.


Also, I saw some huge crochet mats. They were made of very thick yarns and if you make same things with lace yarn, they would be dainty doilies. Interesting.

So, if you are a knitter or a crochetter and thinking of going to VÄV 2017 but hasitating, you must go.

My friend and I had a hard time to collect information of VÄV 2014 and it would be same for VÄV 2017, but we would be there again.

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Monday, May 06, 2013

A New Book on Tatting

A New Book on Tatting by Garyou
A New Book on Tatting, a photo by Garyou on Flickr.

Two books on tatting lace have been published last month. And this is the one of them.
FUJISHIGE Sumi's _Kurashi no Naka no Tatting Lace (Tatting Lace in Everyday Life)_.

All the patterns were already published previously but the books are out of print now. So, if you have FUJISHIGE's old books around 1990s, you may not need this one.

There are 9 doilies including small ones in this book as well as edgings, accessories (2 collars and some necklaces), motifs, and collages.

I've made a small doily from this. In the book, this doily is used as a decoration on a small pouch.
All the works are made with Olympus threads but I don't have white one so I used DMC Cordonnet Specail #40 in Blanc.
I usually use bobbin shuttles; I used a clover shuttle this time. My first tatting lace book was written by FUJISHIGE and at that time, only shuttle I could buy was clover's. It's a sense of nostalgia.
And you know, clovers shuttles are very good, too.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Jane's Bookmark & Black Magic

Jane's Bookmark & Black Magic by Garyou
Jane's Bookmark & Black Magic, a photo by Garyou on Flickr.

Just in middle of Bookmark-Tatting mode now. I'm not a bookmark person, but I'm using both of them right now. They are very good for marking patterns in knitting books as well as tatting books.

Via Flickr:
Left: Jane's Bookmark
Thread: Lisbeth #20 Col.691
Right: Black Magic
Thread: Lisbeth #40 Scottish Thistle

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Running out of Energy

Tatted Motif by Garyou
Tatted Motif, a photo by Garyou on Flickr.

This motif was supposed to be a bookmark, Christina in _Tatted Bookmark - cross-shaped._
But the thread on the shuttle was a little too short and above all, I was running out of energy to finish it up.
So, a bookmark-to-be turned out a square motif.

I've been working on a tatting project using lace weight yarn. It seems there's a long way ahead with this project.

And here's another bookmark I made. The picture is a little before finishing tatting.

Bookmark in Progress

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Same Motifs Joining Differently

This kind of motif is my favourite and I just wanted to tat something out of it.

First, I made the pale violet doily. It was very hot when I began to tat it, so I just joined motifs with one ring. I think this doily came out well. It looks cool because it has a lot of space. It even feel so light. Lighter than the pale blue one.

Then, I made the pale blue one. It got hotter and I hesitated a bit, but joined two rings each. Since the colour looks cool, it doesn't look so thick.

I'm lack of ability to create something original; now I know a little thing make things different.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

A New Book and A New Shuttle

Tatted Motif & a New Book by Garyou
Tatted Motif & a New Book, a photo by Garyou on Flickr.

A new tatting lace book was published last month. If you translate the title, it would be _Tatting Lace: Accessories and Small Stuffs_ or something like that. Most of the works in this book are motifs. As you can see from the face of it, some motifs are turned into accessories as well. Some patterns call for SCMR and Cluney-like techniques.
Tatted Motif
I made a square motif from this book. I used Lisbeth #40 154, Wildflower Garden. I tatted it with a shuttle and a ball with SCMR.

To tat this motif, I used my new tatting shuttle. It's a new colour of Clover's tatting shuttle, milk.

So many new products make me scream with joy.

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Sunday, September 02, 2012


Sampler by Garyou
Sampler, a photo by Garyou on Flickr.

I've seen many lanyards lately and I want to make one. But I can't decide how I make a ring over a bead, with picots, without picots, or with small beads.
So, I just made a sampler and found out I need to practice to tat SCMR with a bead in center.
I tatted with silk thread, but cotton thread would be better? Maybe?

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Sunday, August 05, 2012

New Tatting Shuttles from Clover

I've bought new tatting shuttles from Clover on Saturday.
The colours look so cool. Pale green and blue suit for summer.

"L" stands for large.

Tattieg Shuttles

As you can see, it is as long as a Sew Mate shuttle.
Clover says this shuttle is for loading beads.

Large Hole

The hole is really large. You can use really thick thread with this shuttle.

Duet w/ Clover's New Shuttle

Followings are my opinion, and you might feel in different ways.

Though its length is as same as a Sew Mate one, it's a bit thicker. That makes me a little more difficult to tat since my hands are small.
It can hold a lot of thread and that's for sure.

Anyway, new products are good news and that shows tatting is not a lost art at all.

Via Flickr:
a bit large

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Black Magics and a Motif

Black Magics by Garyou
Black Magics, a photo by Garyou on Flickr.

I made the blue one first. I didn't feel like blocking it. Then I made the green one. It came out a little bit better, I think.
Maybe I should try tatting another one. Would it be better?

Yesterday, I made this bead-tatted motif designed by Nina Libin.

Bead-Tatted Motif
It is supposed to become a bag charm. I used silk thread. Beads are for bead weaving so their sizes are almost exactly same. This was my first time to use those kinds of beads. It's a bit annoying to thread all the beads, but the result is neat.

Via Flickr:
Designed by Mary Konior
Lisbeth #40 Turquoise Col.657, Green Col.679

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Bobbins, bobbins

Bobbins, bobbins by Garyou
Bobbins, bobbins, a photo by Garyou on Flickr.

I bought this bobbinsaver from ds9designs while ago.
This morning, I suddenly want to tidy up my tatting tools and voila! Too many bobbins here. And too many shuttles, too.

I've been trying to wake up earlier than before. Say, no later than 5:30. I can manage during weekday. And that makes me really sleepy.

I usually come home no earlier than 21:30. There's not enough time to do everything I want. But that's not unusual. People are trying to do what they want to in limited time they have.

I'm a morning person, rather than a night owl. But getting on the first bus and the last train made me stay up late.
I want to keep good hours and I must do something.

I have not enough time to tat also. I tat in my lunchtime on weekdays, though.