Saturday, February 04, 2006

Knitting - How Do I Manage to Knit, I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder how I manage the time to knit.
Knowing that everybody's busy and every knitter knits still, I just wonder.

Anyway, here's what I'm up to with my second Jaywalker.

Second Jaywalker

I'm thinking of knitting Jaywalker for my father and I got yarns same as this one. So this Jaywalker is somewhat a swatch.
Everybody emphasizes the importance of knitting a swatch before you start your project. And I, too, understand that and do take time to make my swatch almost everytime. Well, I confess I don't make swatches when I knit a scarf, and sometimes don't when I knit a cap.

Speaking of the socks, usually my swatch would be the first sock. I don't particularly follow the gauge written with the pattern. After all, it is ok if the finished socks fit me.

Now I'm considering of applying short row heels this time. My heels are fat and big so I applied the instructed heels for my first Jaywalker and they fit me very well. But this time the yarn is a little heavier and leg is a little wider. That makes me really think of heels.



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