Saturday, January 21, 2006

Knitting - Another Tough Week

Few web-browsing, no knitting, no tatting, and no blogging.
It was another tough week and I'm worn out.
For me, sock-knitting is not portable. One of the reason is that I love to knit socks with double pointed needles. I've tried circular needles for sock-knitting and I sometimes use them but I'd rather prefer double pointed needles. There's no reason. I just like it that way.
As already written, double pointed needles may be a threat to those who fear pointed things. So, I don't knit socks on the bus nor train. I usually bring a scarf-to-be with me and knit whenever I can.

Anyway, Jaywalker in progress.
A Jaywalker

I've done with this on Sunday. And I casted on for another sock and finished a rib part. That was how far I went for this week until today.
After no-knitting weekdays, I knitted like I've gone mad. Or, I've really gone mad. Maybe.
I've turned heel and done with heel gusset today.

I think I can finish a pair this weekend.



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