Monday, January 09, 2006

Knitting & Tatting - Works In Progress

So, these are what I have accomplished so far.

Jaywalker-ip and Beads-Tatted Motifs

Jaywalker-in-progress and bead-tatted motifs.
The bead-tatted motifs are from Nina Libin's _Tatted lace of beads: The techniques of BEANILE LACE_.
This would be an evening purse for my aunt. I've been thinking of giving her something. At first, I was thinking of socks or slippers or something like that.
But socks... She suffers from diabetes and I heard it is not good for diabetic patinets to wear something tight. That means, I need to knit socks real loose and still fit. That would be beyond my knitting ability.
Next, slippers came to my mind. I could crochet one of those.

Then, once I went to bookstore and saw a book about tatting. It was written in German but there were photos alright and one of them caught my eyes.
Hey, bead-tatted small thing wouldn't be nice?

So, on that day, I began to make the evening purse as soon as I got home.
I'm using silk thread and TOHO 3-cut beads in colour CR162C. These are my favorite thread and beads. When you tat something with them, the work would look like somewhat antique.

And Jaywalker.
I've done with about 12cm for cuff.
Well, long way to go.

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