Sunday, April 09, 2006

[Knitting] Time Is Not On My Side (Maybe)

jaywalker in progress
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Desperately wanting for time to knit, tat, or crochet.
This week, all I could do was knitting a couple of rows for Jaywalker per day.

I did more last week. All of a sudden, I started to knit Dunadd. Everyday came home after midnight, I just couldn't resist Dunadd. Pulled out yarn and needle from a knitting bag, I knitted and knitted.
That surely did harm on me a lot.

In repentance, I gave up the idea of knitting Dunadd on weekday. I even quitted knitting after I got home from work.
Instead, I kept looking for a spare time and when I found it I knitted my Jaywalker.
My achievement for this week is 10 or so rows of Jaywalker.

That makes me think a lot.
I shouldn't buy more yarn since I don't have time to knit. The same thing could say about books on knitting. These days, I've bought too much knitting books.

But, before I knew it, my stash has been expanded and my bookshelf are full of jammed knitting books.

This is what they call "vicious circle", or beginning of vicious circle.



  • It's really hard to avoid buying yarn and knitting books, I know...

    My stash isn't THAT big (I've seen worse), but I already have enough to keep me kitting for a couple of years, i think! :)

    By Blogger katarinaw, At 11:55 PM  

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