Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sock Knitting Today

As always, knitted sock on the commute train and bus. Now I'm knitting rib socks from _Knitting Vintage Socks_. I arranged a bit, though. In the book, the pattern tells to knit from cuff-down, but I started with magic cast-on. Also, the pattern suggests heel with flap, but I used wrapped short-row heel.
Magic cast-on and short-row heel with wrap are the most used patterns for me. Magci cast-on is one of the most easiest method with a circular needle. Short-row heel is not so easy but I tend to knit heel with flap too large once in a while.

But, heel with flap is my favorite. I love the gusset. I don't particularly like heep flap, but that triangular gusset appeals me a lot.
Whitby makes me feel good with its hell flap.
Oh, I knitted a little bit of Whitby, too.
Before finish knitting Whitby, I'm thinking of making sock blockers with wire hungers.

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