Monday, April 02, 2007

Nothing Done This Weekend

Colour in Dream
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Because of fever, I had to rest this weekend. Called in sick on Friday, got a little bit better on Saturday, and again, felt worse on Sunday. Gee.

To make myself feel a little better, I did card-blend fiber a bit. I wanted to blend in dreamy colour. To me, it's almost violet or lavender, maybe perwinkle, and a bit of light blue and pink.
So, I prepared 50% lavender, 20% light blue, 20% pink, and natural white, light green, yellow, and dark purple for rest of 10%.
I think main colour (this time, violet) must be plenty enough, or, you would end up with dull and blurr colour. That's what I've got from card-blending these days. And strong colour (this time, dark purple) might be same shade with the colour you finaly want, and must be added to avoid blurr colour.
Well, I'm still a novice, though.

This time, I got the result as almost what I had in mide before card-blending.
But after I spun, I thought I should have added more strong colour. It really become different when it is spun.
I need more experiment and I desperately want to experiment.

Uh-oh, it seems my temperature gets higher again...

Colour in Dream



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