Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Something to Knit Other Than Socks

The one of the reasons why I knitted Fetchings is I was looking for something to knit other than socks. Or, I'd rather say, I was looking for something to knit instead of socks. I've already made too many pairs. Also, it is not very easy to show off handknitted socks. Mittens and gloves are much easier. Hats, scarves, and shawls are also easier. Sweaters? Just show off and be proud of yourself.

But socks.

I enjoyed knitting Fetchings so much. They are so useful. They made me warm a lot this winter. I think I will make other pair in a future.

However, I'm knitting socks right now. Gloves and mittens are lovely. It is fun to knit them but I cannot replace them with socks.

I would write about it again if I come up with the idea.



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