Monday, March 19, 2007

Which Sock to Knit

Sock in Progress
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
I have a list full of socks that I want to knit. Also, I have a whole bunch of yarns that I love and am going to knit.
From time to time, the patthern and the yarn don't go well with each other at all.
And I've been thinking so hard for a while which pattern matches with which yarn.

I've just given up thinking about that and started knitting.
This is what I'm doing so far.
The yarn is Schaefer Anne, colour #9. Beautiful blue green and dark purple. It is so fine that I'm worrying about it would become a delicate pair; too delicate that I may not be able to wear them as many times as I'd like to.

Well, I'm so happy knitting with this yarn so far, though.

It would be a variation of K2P2 rib. Ribbing patterns are my favourite for socks.

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