Saturday, March 17, 2007

Scotland in Spring

Feather and Fan Socks
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Don't know why, but I can't follow knitting patterns these days. Well, not these days. For a few years.
Just I get overwhelmed. There's no reason. Maybe I'm just tired for working so hard at work.
Or, I've been on the strain unconsciously. Something makes me rush. There's no need to be in a hurry, but I hasten even my hobby, such as knitting, tatting, and crochet.

But this pair, I followed most of the original pattern. I used Magic cast-on method and knitted one pair at a time with a circular needle. Those are the changes I made.

I've been looking for knitting this pair, Wendy's Generic Toe-up Feather and Fan Socks (PDF).
And, I've been longing for Socks that Rock! It's been difficult to buy them for me, but at last, I've got some.
I used Scottish Highlands colourway. I thought it was more subtle or quite colourway. That's my image of Scottish Highlands.
However, this red-less colourway seems so exotic to me. This yearn looks like Scottish Highlands in spring time, thistles are in full bloom and leaves are green. Sky and water are in mild pale blue and small yellow flowers are here ane there.
In our country, spring colourway is redder. Maybe because of colours of flowers blossom out at that time of year.

It's been so delightful knitting this pair. Though K2Tog with superwash merino is not very suitable on the commute train, I've really enjoyed.

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