Monday, January 08, 2007

I've Found Them!

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As already written, Diakeito is one of my favourite yarn companies. Their multi-coloured yarns are famous and fabulous as well as their single-coloured yarns.
And I love those yarns, DiaMusee.
Why I love them? They really go well when you knit scarf with them.
I thought DiaMusee is out of production. It has been for sale for about five or six years ago, and since then, many multi-coloured yarns have been distributed by Diakeito. And I haven't seen it at my LYS for a while.
How can I tell you what I felt when I found them?

I have already made two Multidirectional Diagonal Scarves with DiaMusee, and they are the softest scarves I've ever knitted. I love to rub the scarf with the tip of my chin. It feels so nice and cosy, especially after you wash it.

Now I need to finish my second Kureopatora's Snake as soon as possible, and knit some scarves out of those Musee. I got 2 skeins of green and blue colourway, 2 skeins of light gray colourway, 1 skeins of red and blue colourway, and 1 skeins of dark gray colourway. I would knit a scarf with red-and-blue and green-and-blue.



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