Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Premiere at the Kabuki-za

Premiere at the Kabuki-za
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In the good old days, Ginza used to be filled with clean and solemn air on the day of the year's first premiere of the Kabuki-za. Fewer people walked down the street; cars were hardly seen.
No more solemn air. Hyenas with full of 'lucky bags' are all over the street. Oh, dear.

Well, so much for retrospection.

I went to the Kabuki-za and saw the very first premiere today.
I'm so happy to see Harima-ya (NAKAMURA Kichiemon the 2nd) on the very first day.
I'm very lucky. Luckier than those who bring lots and lots of 'lucky bags' and strut along the street.

By the way, I knitted Jaywalker during the intermissions.
How I desperately want to knit during performance!

The picutre above was taken as peeping through the door. The right part is the stage.


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