Saturday, June 03, 2006

[Knitting] Socks after Socks #2

Lichen Ribbed Socks
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
These are Lichen Ribbed Socks from the book _Knitting Vintage Socks_ by Nancy Bush.
It was my first time to knit Welsh Heels and Star Toes.

I came to like the Welsh Heel. It is rather simple to form the heel and ship-bottom like figure fits my heel well.

Star Toe requires many rows like Pointed Toe (but not as many as the latter), but it looks unique. For those who are interested, visit my weblog in Japanese or my Flickr photos. There you can find three photos of Star Toe in different angles.

I made them with Puppy's Grand-Merino. It looks like a fine yarn with 150m/40g, but they sometimes say it's a DK weight yarn. On the label, you are told to knit this yarn with size 5-6 needles, which are 3.6mm - 3.9mm.
I love to knit this yarn with much finer needle, such as size 2-3, 2.7mm - 3.0mm. It makes very fine and elegant gloves, socks and so on. Once I knitted Vanalinn Gloves from _A Gathering of Lace_ with this yarn. Oh, they are so elegant! I've never thought that knitted gloves became this elegant.
Of cource, I love this yarn!

Oh, I forgot! It was my first challendge on Magic Loop. How it was fun to knit with Magic Loop!

I'm a DPN-person and still love to knit with them. I'm not a 2-circs person, but I love to knit my sock with one circ. I'm looking forward to knitting another socks using Magic Loop.

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