Saturday, June 03, 2006

[Knitting] Socks after Socks

Madder Ribbed Socks
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In May, I've been just working. I was at my office on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. I also worked some night shifts.
Am I worn out? Well, actually, a little.

That made me reluctant to knit anything more complicated than socks.
And that also made me knit only socks, socks after socks.

These are ones that I've made during that time, Madder Ribbed Socks from the book _Knitting Vintage Socks_ by Nancy Bush.

In this book, there are four ribbed socks with different heels and different toes. If you knit all of them, you can go through four types of heels and toes.

Madder Ribbed Socks have Dutch Heels and Pointed Toes; both are not for me, unfortunately.
I should have made much wider heels, especially after turning them.
And the toes. The Pointed Toes require more rows than other types of toes. That maybe nice on long feet with long toes. But, alas, my feet are short and my toes are really, really short.

So, these odd-figured socks were born.

I knitted them with Puppy's (or Anny Blatt's) Princess Anny. I love this yarn! It is soft, machine-washable, and economical. And socks made from this yarn are just wonderful! I wish it would be sold in 50g ball.



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