Monday, January 01, 2007

Just One of These Days

It is so cold today. It's been chilly these days, but it was much colder last year. I'm really worring about global warming. It is already too warm to wear a handknitted sweater for me even in the middle of winter. If I'd stay at home, the sweater made me nice and warm without a heater. It may help preventing global warming a lot. Still, it is not cold enough to put it on and go outside. And I don't usually stay at home.
Instead, I knit vests, waistcoats, or whatever you may call it. I love vests. But as a knitter, I want to knit a sweater or two once in a while.
Dilenmma, dilenmma.

Anyway, today, I knitted a Brioche Stitch cap, a Fiona Bag, and a Kureopatra's Snake bit at a time. The cap is for my father. I knit it with Dia Epoca and the colours are brown and orange. This orange is just fabulous. It looks like filling of a pumpkin pie. It really goes well with dark brown. The colourway seems too 'dolce' for my father. Well, it could be mine.
I love Brioche Stitch. The fabirc is very soft and stretchy. I heard that the fabric is not stretchy enough, but my tension might make it stretchy.
Dia Epoca is worsted-weight yarn with sufficient twist and colour variation. I'm really enjoy knitting with this yarn.

I haven't written here yet, but I've started spindle spinning last September. Still a novice, but is is really fun to spin. I'm not really for spinning wheels since I spend very little time at home. I usually bring my spindle (Bosworth Mini. A purpleheart whorl and a birch shaft), and spin with it whenever and wherever I find the time.



  • It's been unusually warm here too this winter. I'm really worried, too. Today we've actually had som esnow, though, and I hope it will stay cold so it doesn't melt away immidiately.

    By Blogger katarinaw, At 6:31 PM  

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