Friday, January 05, 2007

[Tatting] A Challenge

Tatting Motif
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
It is very difficult to tat with yarn. I usually tat with cotton thread, sometimes silk.
Why is it difficult? Maybe yarn are too stretchy to tat.
Still, I have an ambition to tat a scarf or a shawl with yarn. I've tried to make motifs with wool only to find obstacles all over me.

And this is the third or fourth experiment as a step to the achievement. Yes, I don't quit so easily. Being clumsy for all my life, I know too well that I can make things as well as other people after practicing thousands of times.
People often get me wrong. They think I'm a person of dexterity because I knit, tat, crochet and spin. Wrrrooong. My fingers are all thumb. I've never done any good at art or home economics classes. All I've got were "At least you have made an effort and that's all" grades.
If my works of kniting, tatting or crochet look good, that's because I've done those for an immeasurable time.

Usually people do the new things quite well with few tries.
I can't.
I need much more time than others.
I am aware of that too well.
So I don't just give up.
Or, I just quit after the first try and not wasting my time.



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