Thursday, January 04, 2007

Name and Nature Agree Indeed

Originally uploaded by Garyou.
It was one of those "Love at First Sight." I wanted to make this ever since I first saw it last summer. But as always, I haven't got started yet. Reasons? Well, it was too warm for summer and I haven't got any yarns to suit this pattern.

Today, something hit me like a thunderbolt and that made me get to it.
I knitted this with Dia Epoca and size 6 (3.9mm) needles. Dia Epoca is made of merino wool and 81m/40g. Do I like Diakeito, you may ask. Definitely! Its varigated or ombrer yarns are fabulous but single colour yarns are also splendid. Epoca is easy and fun to knit with.

Cast-on method I used is Twisted German Cast-on. I double-knitted the thumb. This was my first time to double-knit. It would be suitable to knit thumb or fingers of the gloves and mittens.

I was knitting this while I was watching "Die Fliegende Klassenzimmer " on TV. I know, I know. Everybody says that the original novel is far better than the movie. But I reqlly enjoyed watcihg it. Boys and Girls acted so well and their dubbed-in voices were good, too.
I love that dark and dull winter in Leipzig in the movie. Snow covers everywhere and the sky looks gray and dreary. Everything looks faded. Wonderful.

Today is the last day of winter holiday. So much for the knitting.



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