Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Second Snake

Kureopatra's Snake
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
I love this scarf a lot. I've already knitted one with Toasty Toes.
As the designer says, Diakeito yarns work very nicely on the pattern. Here I'm knitting with Diakeito's Dia Silk Ombrer and it comes out really good. This yarn contains wool 70%, mohair 20%, and silk 10% and 132m/40g. I took this picture after I finished the first skein. Two skeins would be enough for a short scarf.
The fabric is light. It would be pretty to knit with lighter colourway and use it from autumn to spring.
It is delightful to knit this scarf, however, entrelac is not for a slow knitter like me. Entrelac and Domino-Knitting are for those who knit at the speed of light.
Well, but I don't mind. It is fun to knit it anyway.

Slowly but steady the scarf gets long.



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