Monday, March 19, 2007

When I Want to Tat

Tiny Tatted Bud
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
But not quite sure what to tat, I always pick up this book, _Tatting with Visual Patterns_ by Mary Konior.

I love tatting.
I used to tat on weekends while watching _Star Trek Deep Space 9_ and _Star Trek Voyager_. And I always told my mother besides me how delighted I was to tat and watch my favourite programs.
Now she's gone to so-called Western Pure Land. I have nobody to tell such kinds of things.

I don't tat as much as I used to, but I still bring my shuttle (GR-8 shuttle's my favourite) filled with thread everywhere I go and enjoy tatting anytime and anywhere I can.

I don't care for this kind of small stuff to tat, but this one is different. Everything in the book is different. I love all the pattern in it.
I'm so lucky to have this book with me.
And so with my shuttles and threads.



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