Monday, March 26, 2007

Encouraging, Discouraging

Log Cabin Socks
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
Need a step or two for real goal, but anyway I have finished knitting this pair, Log Cabin Socks from _handknit HOLIDAYS_.
The yarn is handspun perendale and I made it. This is my very first pair with my own handspun yarn. And really ugly.
I know I should have knitted plain stockinette stitch socks. Then my somewhat awkward handspun yarn would add some kind of taste on them.

But, at the same time, I think I was right for choosing this pattern. It was fun to knit this pair. I've been having trouble with cable pattenrs. When I knit them, crossed stitches seem so flat. They must form texture. What a poor job I've done!

Well, you can see from the picture, the cable stitches aren't flat at all. They loo (not to mention the yarn) just fine. I love them.

I'm going to spin and knit socks. You bet it is so fun!


  • I think the log cabin socks look just great! I really want to knit a pair myself, but I'll use store bought yarn, since I haven't thrown myself into the whole spinning frenzy. Yet.

    By Blogger katarinaw, At 8:14 PM  

  • Thanks for your comment, Katarina. I'm also thinking of knitting another Log Cabin Socks with store bought yarn.
    I really wonder why I spin sometimes. I'd never thought I would spin with all those yarns in stash.

    By Blogger Garyo, At 2:58 AM  

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