Saturday, March 24, 2007

As a Matter of Fact, I Spin

A little.
I've never thought I would spin. Actually, I started spinning not because I want to. I just wanted more twist on my beautiful silk thread. I looked for a tool to add twist on it and there I found a spindle. Then before I knew it, I was struggling to spin. I wonder why.

I'm but a novice spinner. These days I'm thinking of spinning only for socks. I love to knit socks (you may already know if you see other entries in this blog) and socks require rather small amount of yarn. Since I spin only with my spindles, sock knitting project seems suitable.

But novice spinner means he/she just wants to spin any fiber he/she has never spun before.
And I'm just right in middle of that stage.

Now I'm knitting Log Cabin Socks with handspun yarn. So far, they are the ugliest socks I've ever made. But I don't care. After all, it's just a beginning. There is a long road of spinning and knitting ahead of me.
Isn't it wonderful?

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