Thursday, March 22, 2007

Read a Mystery Book on Handcraft

Finished reading Crewel World by Monica Ferris. Amazon recommended me this book and I bought it with other knitting books.
It was easy for an auslander like me to read. It takes less than a week to finish that book and that's amazingly fast for me. I'm not good at English, you know.

The story takes place in a small city in Minesota, near the Twin Cities. There came a lady to visit her sister who runs a handcraft shop name Crewel World in that city. And this shopowner is murdered.

As a foretelling mystery reader, I'd like a reversal or two in the end, but it was interesting to read it. Oh, I'd like to make it sure. I'm not a big fan of mystery novels since all I've read are some Sherlock Holmes, some Miss Marple (I'd rather prefer Miss Marple than Poirot), some Drury Lane (Again, I'd rather prefer Mr. Lane than Mr. Queen), other American mysteries, and some domestic novels.

And here comes Knit One, Kill Two soon.

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