Sunday, March 25, 2007

Total Disaster

Card-Blended Fiber
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
What I wanted was green fiber. Not grayish purple-something fiber like the right one.
I chose two shades of light blue and yellow to blend. Also for a bit depth, I picked orangish pink, very light lavender, natural ecru, natural rather dark brown, and deep reddish purple.

Now I know I put too many colours to blend.
Also, I assume something like this : When you add deep or strong colour for depth, choose same shade of the colour you want as a result. Otherwise add a contrast colour. I believe it would do. Need some experiment.

Left fiber is made of all colours above except light blues and yellow. This fiber came out pretty good. That's why I thought I put too many colours to blend.
I've already spun both fiber and found out they were soooooh discouraging. Even left fiber turned into a dull coloured yarn. Gee. I don't want to talk about the yarn made of the right fiber. I've never seen such ugly yarn.

However, my experiments of blending fiber are going to proceed. At least I'm sure about it.



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