Friday, March 30, 2007

What Kind of a Spinner am I

I've formally started spinning last September. Well, it's a long story. I'd never thought I would spin. I just wanted more twist on my beautiful silk thread. That's all. And the silk thread has never been spun to add more twist.

I'm hooked to spinning. My favorite spindles are Bosworth mini and midi. The mini is made of purpleheart with birch shaft and the midi is made of quilted maple with morado shaft. They spin amazingly well for a very long time. Also, they are so beautiful. I can't stop admiring their beauty every time before spinning with them. They are what I use most among the top whorl spindles. For low whorl spindles, I love my ebony spindle and right now I'm devoted to Spindolyn. Boy, Spindolyn is real something.

As written above, I have but spindles for spinning. I have no spinning wheel and I don't think I would get one.
I saw a web page that says, "Don't care for spinning wheel? What kind of a spinner are you?"
Well, what kind of a spinner am I?



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