Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Love This Heel!

I Love This Heel!
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I know, I know. I must stay in bed. And I've been in bed as long as possible. I wonder why I can take sleep after sleep during daytime and have a hard time sleeping at night.

But, I need something that makes me feel good. And I've started so-called home project, Whitby from _Knitting on theRoad_ by Nancy Bush.

I've already made a pair and I love this sock. Especially, this heel. When turning heel, the pattern, slip 1 knit 1 continues. Wonderful.

Usually, I knit socks only on the commute train or bus, anywhere outside my house. I seldom knit them at home.
When I catch a disease, I suddenly want to knit lacy shawl or stole. And I'm aware too well that the project results in catastrophe. Disease makes me feel dizzy and I just can't follow the pattern. The end.

Still, I want to make something. And I've started knitting Whitby. So far so good.
I have to find time to knit it, though.

Whitby in Progress

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