Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Heel of Sorrow

My commuting project is Rib and Cable Socks by Nancy Bush in IW Knits, 2005 Fall. Using Koigu yarn, I've just finished the first sock. It really looks nice.
But, alas, the heel doesn't fit me!
As the project proceed, I put it on several times to see it fits or not. I didn't think it would not fit. The heel is rather large so I made toe a bit shorter.
Now, the toe isn't the problem. It fits well. I didn't follow the pattern for that part. I have a somewhat short foot. I don't need a sock with long toe.
But, oh, the heel! My feet are rather small but wide. So are my heels. I was quite certain that the heel was just for me.

Well, but it was hard to tell during working on a sock whether it would fit or not. You can tell that when it is done. And I know that now.
I'm going to start the latter sock tomorrow morning and also start to look for a pair of feet that would fit these socks.

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