Thursday, April 12, 2007

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Whitby in Progress
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My friend told me the other day about the time that she'd mentioned seeing me to one of her friends. Her friend said, "Oh, that Sock-Person!"
Yeah, I'm a Sock-Person. Most of the works I knit are socks. I'm proud of being called so.

As a Sock-Person, I knit a sock from cuff-down, toe-up, heel with flap, heel without flap, lacy socks, cable socks, rib socks, plain stockinette socks, knit any socks I like.
Especially, I love rib socks. It is not always fun to knit rib socks because it tends to be a mindless-knit. But usually it makes me delighted to knit them. The rib socks fit well and also, suit both men and women.

At the same time, cable socks are my favourite. It is always fun to knit cable stitches. The cable stitches are not very stretchy so it would be go well with rib patterns.
Like this Whitby.

However, I'd like to show you something else today. That is a set of DPNs. They are Clover Takumi Size 2 (2.7mm) Double Pointed Needles. They are about 16cm (6.3 inches) long. The very best length for a sock-knitting. But I can't find this length of needles these days. Maybe they're out of production. These Size 2 were found at the local handicraft shop on the way to the office. There were almost no yarns there, but they carries goods left such as the DPNs.

There's no handicraft shop you can pass by.

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