Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When Can I Spin, Anyway?

Bombyx Hankies
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
It was one of the bad days today. While I was walking toward the station from the office, all of a sudden I had stomach ache. At first, it wasn't so bad. At least I was able to walk. But soon I was afraid if I could not get to the station. I managed to make it to the station and got on the train, but there came a limit. I got off at the next station though I had two more stations to go.
So, I repeated getting on and off the train several times and finally got home. Whew!

And can you see what was wating for me?
Bombyx hankies in Opal colourway and Merino-Tencel in Moonstone colourway! Yey! I bought them from Crown Mountain Farms.

I want to spin them immediately, but also, I'm a bit afraid spinning them. I might messing them up since I'm still a novice spinner.

Well, I will take my time and enjoy spinning them leisurely.
Maybe this weekend.




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