Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spindle Craze

My favorites are Bosworth Mini (purpleheart whorl and birch shaft) and Bosworth Midi (quilted maple whorl and molado shaft). I usually take either one when I spin sitting on the desk chair. I call them "A pair of jewels," means the most valuable two persons or things. It's rather a classical idiom but I often use it.
When I sit on the floor and spin, I choose Spindolyn a lot.
I decided to buy Spindolyn because I was looking for a spindle to spin cashmere. Last Feburary, one of my friends and I went to the event held by a shop specialise in cashmere. There, I have spun cashmere for the first time. Before that, I'd thought it'd been to difficult for me to spin cashmere since its fiber is very short. A lady there taught us how to spin cashmere, and I've spun some. It was such a wonderful experience.
Then I got some cashmere web (well.. I think that is called web), and tried to spin at home. I haven't got suitable spindles and that was what I found out. The lady told us that spindle does not have to be extremely light, but shaft must be slim. Later, I've come to spin with my Bossie Mini, but at that time, what I spun was too thick for cashmere.
So, I've looked around the web a bit, and found Spindolyn. Well, some says it is not their taste, but I watched the video instruction of Spindolyn and was so impressed with the elegant movement of the spinner.

At first, I had hard time spinning with Spindolyn, but after three days or so (I stay at home for few hours a day, that's why it took so long), there was no matter at all. I can spin so comfortably with Spindolyn.
I still spin merino with it. After I finish merino, I'm going to try cashmere. And I'm looking forward to it very much.



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