Friday, April 06, 2007


I'm not a bookmark person. I seldom feel the necessity of a bookmark while reading. When I have to leave a book half-read, I just check the page number. That's all. Sometimes I forget which page I was reading, but that doesn't matter usually. A few flipping will do.

But I love to tat bookmarks. Tatted bookmarks are rather easy to make. They are also good for experimenting new patterns. And they are generally small.

Most of the tatted bookmarks I made are under my friends' hand now. I gave them as little extra with main presents.
But, I made a bookmark that doesn't look good. I had really fun time to tat it, but still, it's not worth giving to others. So, I gave it a try and started using it. The bookmark has long tatted chain at the end and that works quite fine.
I'm now tatting another bookmark. It's originally an insertion pattern. I don't particularly like tassels, so I'm thinking of adding a long chain like the one I'm using now.



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