Sunday, April 08, 2007

Veni, Vidi

But not Vici.

I've been to an exhibition of tatting and other laces and bead works. It is held annualy, and I'd been there once. It inspired me a lot since I'd never seen others works of tatting lace. I'd been all alone struggling to figure out how to tat.

And this year's exhibition was also very inspiring. How did he/she tat all those wonderful and delicate doily with #100 and #160 thread? Why do the ends of thread seem almost invisible? How long did it take to tat those huge doily? I really wonder.
There were some works of bobbin lace and they were tremendous, too. I believe they are called Honiton lace (maybe I'm wrong), and they are made of one of the finest threads.

The works of my friends were beautiful. She told me that she'd made a doily with #70 thread. It has huge number of picots and so dainty.

Now I'm crazed with tatting. I bought lovely apple green thread at the handicraft shop near the exhibition site and already started tatting a bookmark. The picture follows tomorrow, if only I can.



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