Sunday, April 15, 2007


As I'm browsing web, I see a lot of delicate and beautiful knitted-lace. In my country, as far as I know, working on lace means usually crochet lace. I love crochet lace, but sometimes, I'd rather prefer something finer. Crochet lace tends to be thick. You can use finer yarn or thread to achieve finer fabric but that would be difficult to crochet.

I've tried lace-knitting several times. Knitted fabric are often finer than crochet one when you use same yarn or thread.
But, I always ended up with mess. I supposed I followed the pattern exactly, but after several rows, I found the left stithces were not enough, or too many. Where did I do wrong? I looked for the error I made, but I could never find one.
After all, I'm not a Lace-Person, so I thought.

But, wait! Hey, I've made some lace socks. I can knit lace socks, why not lace scarves, shawls, or something else?

So, I decided to start from 4-row lace pattern. I chose 2006 IW Knits Sweet Something. Recently, I'm suffering from sore throat a lot. I have sore throat through winter and it gets better when it is warmer. But not this year. My throat is sore even now. I need something to protect my throat.
I started knitting Penobscot silk scarf with bamboo and cotton blend yarn. So far so good.



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