Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Finer, The Better?

As usual (well, I think it is a usual thing), I started to learn tatting with thick thread. The number is different from manufacturer to manufacturer, so I can't give an exact number, but it was thicker than DMC #10. The thread I used was Olympus Emy Grande. It is not very strongly twisted, but has enough twist to tat.
Then I stepped up to #40 thread. I usually use Olympus thread and its #40 is about same size as DMC #20. As I developed my skill, I became to tat with finer thread, such as DMC Special Dentelles, Cordnet Special #100, and Coron #160. At that time, I thought #160 was too fine for me to tat. But, on the second thought, I would not be able to tat with such fine thread when I would become old-sighted. Actually, #160 was too fine for me. I loved to tat with Special Dentelles, though.

As written above, I usually use Olympus #40 a lot these days. It is easily-available and the completed lace works are easy to use. The lace works made with #70 thread or finer are too delicate for the daily use to me.
And sometimes I think it would be difficult to tat well with thick thread. It seems that stitches are not very even when you tat with thick thread, doesn't it?



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