Sunday, January 22, 2006

Knitting - Jaywalking Now

As I said, I've finished my first Jaywalker.

Jaywalker 01 Completed

Pattern: Jaywalker
Needle: 2.5mm Double-pointed
Rib: K2P2 12 rows
Leg: 60 rows
Foot: 60rows

I'm so satisfied with the result. Fabric is fine and soft yet warm. It seems warm too maybe because of the colour.

Jaywalker 01 Putted on

Now I'm thinking of the next project.
Next Jaywalker?
Other small project? Like scarf, hat, or mit?
Try something big? Like vest, sweater, or cardigan?

Actually, crochet attracts me now.

But another Jaywalker is also intriguing.
I've already show you some yarns for Jaywalker, but how about solid colour ones, I wonder.

Anyway, anohter tough week is coming.
That will give me time to plan for the next project.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Knitting - Another Tough Week

Few web-browsing, no knitting, no tatting, and no blogging.
It was another tough week and I'm worn out.
For me, sock-knitting is not portable. One of the reason is that I love to knit socks with double pointed needles. I've tried circular needles for sock-knitting and I sometimes use them but I'd rather prefer double pointed needles. There's no reason. I just like it that way.
As already written, double pointed needles may be a threat to those who fear pointed things. So, I don't knit socks on the bus nor train. I usually bring a scarf-to-be with me and knit whenever I can.

Anyway, Jaywalker in progress.
A Jaywalker

I've done with this on Sunday. And I casted on for another sock and finished a rib part. That was how far I went for this week until today.
After no-knitting weekdays, I knitted like I've gone mad. Or, I've really gone mad. Maybe.
I've turned heel and done with heel gusset today.

I think I can finish a pair this weekend.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Knitting - Searching for Stronger Heel

So far, I've done with a heel and decreasing for a gusset.

Jaywalker in Progress

I've made a pair of socks with the same yarn before. Now they got felted a bit, but before that, they looked a little fragile, especialy heels. The yarn is about 220m/40g and 100% wool. It may not be suitable for sock-knitting. And I assume you usually machine-knit or hold two or more strands together and hand-knit with this yarn.

So, I added some personal touch. I kept slip 1 knit 1 stitches while turning the heel.
Like this.

Heel of My Jaywalker

I hope this may help.

Oh, also, I went my LYS for stash enhancement yesterday and got these for my next Jaywalker.

Yarns for Jaywalker

I've never used them. They are sock-weight and 100% wool. I can't wait to knit with them.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Knitting & Tatting - Works In Progress

So, these are what I have accomplished so far.

Jaywalker-ip and Beads-Tatted Motifs

Jaywalker-in-progress and bead-tatted motifs.
The bead-tatted motifs are from Nina Libin's _Tatted lace of beads: The techniques of BEANILE LACE_.
This would be an evening purse for my aunt. I've been thinking of giving her something. At first, I was thinking of socks or slippers or something like that.
But socks... She suffers from diabetes and I heard it is not good for diabetic patinets to wear something tight. That means, I need to knit socks real loose and still fit. That would be beyond my knitting ability.
Next, slippers came to my mind. I could crochet one of those.

Then, once I went to bookstore and saw a book about tatting. It was written in German but there were photos alright and one of them caught my eyes.
Hey, bead-tatted small thing wouldn't be nice?

So, on that day, I began to make the evening purse as soon as I got home.
I'm using silk thread and TOHO 3-cut beads in colour CR162C. These are my favorite thread and beads. When you tat something with them, the work would look like somewhat antique.

And Jaywalker.
I've done with about 12cm for cuff.
Well, long way to go.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Knitting - Just Started

So, I've started Jaywalker.

Jaywalker in progress

Oh, how fun to knit this.
I'm using 2.5mm needles and DIA MUSEE FINE in COL. MSF113. This colour of yarn looks like tomato soup.

To tell you the truth, I desperately want to knit with Socks That Rocks. But, Alas, I've been looking for whole wide world (that means, www, you know), and only to find that it is somewhat difficult to get one. Oh, dear.

Still, I have DIA MUSEE FINE. This is a little finer than sock-weight yarn, I suppose. The yarn is stiff a bit, but the knitted fabric is so smooth and soft. It really feels good.

And the pattern is just fabulous. I love this pattern.
But I have one problem. I'm not good at dd, double decrease. The center stitches look awkward and bumpy. I hope they would be better after I block the socks.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Knitting - Ready for Jaywalker

See here?

Yarns for Jaywalker

These are the yarns for my first Jaywalker. I've kept them for quite a long time.
All I have to do is to start knitting, isn't it?

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Journal - Still Knitting

On the bus, yes.

Thank you so much, Katarina, for your comment.
I knit on the bus as always.
I just can't help stopping.

Well as a matter of fact, I sometimes disguise myself as a tatter-on-the-bus.
#And actually, I AM a tatter-on-the-bus as well.

But this cold weather, I can't stop knitting when I'm in wait.
And the bus I usually take is not crowded at all.


Knitting - A Pair for You and a Pair for Me

These years I usually work on socks at the end of the year and the new year.

This pair is the last finished object in 2005.

Firefighters Socks with Queen Anny

I knitted these Firefighters Socks with Anny Blatt's Queen Anny Col.889 and size 3.6mm needles. I made them for my father.

As a matter of fact, I've finished one pair of these socks with the same yarn before. They are for me and they are so comfortable. The pattern matches the yarn very well. Queen Anny is worsted weight yarn and I often crochet with this yarn. I knew it went well with knitting and I finally realised. It is one of the best yarns I've ever knitted. Really.

I usually wear my socks at home where often colder than the office I work. Socks with sock-weight yarns are sometimes not warm enough. With these socks, I put on other socks to keep me warm.
But socks knitted with worsted-weight yarns are perfect.
And in my country, we don't wear shoes inside the house. So I always choose wool yarns for socks. Well, sometimes alpaca, or other animal hair blended yarns, I admit.

And this pair is the first finished object in 2006.
Pretty Comfy Socks

I made them with Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK SH.662 with 3mm needles.

Now I'm wearing them. They are so comfortable. When I saw Pretty Comfy Socks at the first time, I thought the name meant "Quite Comfy Socks." Does it mean "Pretty and Comfy Socks"? Well, I'm not sure.

Still, they are very comfy. I love this wavy stitch pattern very much.

Now I'm thinking of my next sock project. Maybe Jaywalker, maybe not.