Friday, April 20, 2007

User-Friendly Tools

It is very irritating to use new computer software (application? program? Whatever!) at the very first time. It says it's user-friendly. Who in the world is "user", anyway?
Well, I've got to used to Word, Excel and all. I can take them as what they are. Still, I don't think they are user-friendly at all.

Take a look at my knitting needles, crochet hooks, tatting shuttles, and spindles. They are the simplest tools among the world. Some see them too daunting, maybe because they are so simple.
But simplicity is the name of the game.

Excel was originally software for Macintosh. At that time, it was great. I had to work on other spreadsheet software before I came to know Excel. Oh, how horrible the software was! And, hey, what excellent software Excel was! I almost loved to work on it. Well...not actually. But it was far betther than other software like it.
But then, Excel has become humongous. The same is true of Word. Yeah, I know, the early versions of Word were not so kind to us. But still, it was word-processing software at that time. Now, can you call it word-processing software? Maybe, though you can do (or they insist you can do) much more things with using it. There are so many features that you can't name them all.

You only knit when you use knitting needles. Well, some of you might use them as hairpins or temporarily save your cops on them. But usually, knitting needles are used for knitting. The same can be said for other tools listed above : crochet hooks to crochet, tatting shuttles to tat, and spindles to spin.
I said they are somewhat daunting. I'm afraid that would be taken as their user-unfriendliness. It sounds a bit paradoxical, but the harder to approach, the more fun you will get once you acquire how to use them. And I can say that because you can easily see what you can do with them.

Well, I want to express more but right now this is the furthest I can go with my Englsih skill.
I know the logic here is too thin. I would make it thick.



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