Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finca No.16

I happened to get this thread and gradually become to like this thread.
For tatting, my favourite threads are DMC Cebelia, Cordnet Special, and Special Dentelles. Also, I usually tat with Olympus #40 and someimes with silk threads made for buttonhole stitches.

Once in a while, I imagine there'd be wonderful thread to tat that I haven't encountered. Somewhere in the world, that precious thread would exist.
So I just keep on trying new threads to tat.

Finca thread is new to me. At first, I thought I liked this thread more if it had a bit stronger twist. But the finished lace works are so soft. It is so soft that I think it would be pretty to make a shawl, or something to wear. I have only two balls so I can't make a big thinkg like shawl or stole, but a scarf would be nice.

Is it possible for me to tat such a big thing?
That is the problem.



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