Sunday, April 22, 2007

2 Rows at a Time

Tatted Motifs
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This weekend, I was working on tatting 2 rows at a time. That means I tried mock picots and split rings to clime up the row.
I like split rings. I like the way they look. But I seldom use them because it is somewhat difficult for me to tat.

I went to the exhibition of tatting lace early this month, and there I saw a lot of beautiful works. Some were so wonderful that I couldn't tell where the tatters hid their ends. I know they worked row-by-row since the instructor of all doesn't like innovative techniques, such as split rings, self closing mock rings, even shoelace trikcs. He even hates to use two shuttles at a time.

I have clumsy hands and I'm really no good at hiding ends. So I decide to use mock picots and split rings to achieve better results.

The left motif is designed by Ms.FUJITO Teiko. There should be four picots each for outer rings, but I happened to tat five, only one ring has four. The right one is ... well, I'm sure I've seen it somewhere, but I can't remember. I was tugging my memory while tatting this.
Each of them are made with Finca No.16 Colour #35. It is very beautiful pale blue, almost white. The twist on the thread is rather weak and the work made of this thread is so soft. It must be wonderful to tat a shawl or stole from this thread.

I'm keep working on these techniques to improve my skills. They promise me the better result, and besides, it is so fun to working on them.



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