Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Project : Go for It or What?

I'm thinking of making a tatting lace scarf with Finca No.16. It would be a bunch of motifs and each of them'd be made with one shuttle. The motif I have in mind is designed by Ms. FUJITO Teiko and one that I took picture the other day.

Of course I have some problems.
Is it possible for me to finish such a big project? I actually doubt it. It would likely to become a large (hopefully) doily or table mat. And that's O.K. with me. At least I would be able to make something.

More serious (but somehow funny) problem is, "Wouldn't it be too delicate and way too elegant to put on if I could tat a scarf?"
I'm sure I would just hide the scrarf deep in my closet if I could achieve the goal. And forget about it. I'm not a person of elegance. All I wear daily is T-shirt and denim pants with my handknitted socks. That doesn't call for a dainty tatted scarf at all.

Well, there still are a few solutions fot this.
First, try to be an elegant person that tatted scarf really goes well.
...Yeah, I'm just kidding.
Second, look for someone that fit the scarf. This is much more likely.

And this is what you call needless fear.



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