Thursday, June 15, 2006

[Knitting] WWKIP Day!

I know I'm too late for this, but I did (somehow) participate in World Wide Knit In Public Day last Saturday.

Here I went.


I went to the second largest city in our country. She has the world tallest lighthouse and the picture above is the tallest building in our country.
She is also famous for her harbor.

Minatomirai, Yokohama

And there I met Chinapon-san in her wunderbar Martha.

Chinapon-san in her wunderbar Martha

It was the very first time we met though we knew each other through weblogs.

And we knitted and talked and knitted and talked....and so on.

Usually, I knit, tat, and crochet alone. I do knit in public daily but I refrain from knitting with my friends who don't knit. In a way, I love to be alone.
But, hey, wasn't that nice to knit and talk over coffee? Wasn't it delightful to meet with people who knit and love yarns and all?
It surely was.

I really thank Chinapon-san asking me to meet and knit together.
And also, I do appreciate those who telling me this wonderful Event, WWKIP Day.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

[Knitting] Socks after Socks #3

Mata Hari Socks
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
These are the last socks for a moment. Mata Hari Socks with Interlacements Tiny Toe 203. I bought this yarn from Simply Sock Yarn Company. I got two skeins and one looked faded a little. Well, but that didn't matter.
I knitted them with toe-up and used short-row heels.

I shouldn't have made Mata Hari Socks in blue colourway. I think they look much better in the original red. Wine and black would be nice, too. But not blue.

Still, they are one of the best-knitted socks I've made. They fit well, feel well, and look good. I tend to knit sock a little larger. And I learned from knitting them that it is not very bad to knit tight socks, or I'd rather say, it is not very bad to knit "what-you-think-it-is-tight" socks. They aren't. Really.

Am I still busy, you may ask?
Yes and no.
My part of the work is done, or almost done. I have nothing to do but polish my work now.
But other people's part are just awful. It is Saturday today, but still a lot of people are working on their parts to be done at the office. Oh, dear.
And that affects my part a lot, you know.

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[Knitting] Socks after Socks #2

Lichen Ribbed Socks
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
These are Lichen Ribbed Socks from the book _Knitting Vintage Socks_ by Nancy Bush.
It was my first time to knit Welsh Heels and Star Toes.

I came to like the Welsh Heel. It is rather simple to form the heel and ship-bottom like figure fits my heel well.

Star Toe requires many rows like Pointed Toe (but not as many as the latter), but it looks unique. For those who are interested, visit my weblog in Japanese or my Flickr photos. There you can find three photos of Star Toe in different angles.

I made them with Puppy's Grand-Merino. It looks like a fine yarn with 150m/40g, but they sometimes say it's a DK weight yarn. On the label, you are told to knit this yarn with size 5-6 needles, which are 3.6mm - 3.9mm.
I love to knit this yarn with much finer needle, such as size 2-3, 2.7mm - 3.0mm. It makes very fine and elegant gloves, socks and so on. Once I knitted Vanalinn Gloves from _A Gathering of Lace_ with this yarn. Oh, they are so elegant! I've never thought that knitted gloves became this elegant.
Of cource, I love this yarn!

Oh, I forgot! It was my first challendge on Magic Loop. How it was fun to knit with Magic Loop!

I'm a DPN-person and still love to knit with them. I'm not a 2-circs person, but I love to knit my sock with one circ. I'm looking forward to knitting another socks using Magic Loop.

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[Knitting] Socks after Socks

Madder Ribbed Socks
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
In May, I've been just working. I was at my office on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. I also worked some night shifts.
Am I worn out? Well, actually, a little.

That made me reluctant to knit anything more complicated than socks.
And that also made me knit only socks, socks after socks.

These are ones that I've made during that time, Madder Ribbed Socks from the book _Knitting Vintage Socks_ by Nancy Bush.

In this book, there are four ribbed socks with different heels and different toes. If you knit all of them, you can go through four types of heels and toes.

Madder Ribbed Socks have Dutch Heels and Pointed Toes; both are not for me, unfortunately.
I should have made much wider heels, especially after turning them.
And the toes. The Pointed Toes require more rows than other types of toes. That maybe nice on long feet with long toes. But, alas, my feet are short and my toes are really, really short.

So, these odd-figured socks were born.

I knitted them with Puppy's (or Anny Blatt's) Princess Anny. I love this yarn! It is soft, machine-washable, and economical. And socks made from this yarn are just wonderful! I wish it would be sold in 50g ball.