Sunday, September 02, 2007

After a Long Break

Rib Socks
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I'm back. Well, more or less.

This is my third pair for Summer of Socks 2007. I thought I could knit more before the KAL began, but I can't. Tired of sock knitting? No! Of course not.
I'm just overwhelmed by my work. It's summer vacation season and I've worked more than 200 hours last month (And you know what? This isn't a hard work at all! My colleagues and boss worked much more than I did.) I had to see everyone going vacation while I was commuting to work. I know. They say there's no justice in the world. Maybe, maybe not.
In this month, I'll be busier than last month. I'm surviving somehow. Quitting work means death, you know.

I can't believe I really made this pair. I chose easy rib pattern and that made my knitting automatic sometimes. The yarn is fabulous. Once in a while, I felt as if I was knitting with chenille yarn. So smooth and so rich. As already written, this colourway isn't usual for my taste, but I really love it. I can finish this pair because of this bright colourway.

I have another pair waiting for me to cast off. I used toe-up pattern for it. I'm thinking of doing a kind of turbular cast-off. I usualy choose this method for casting off 1K1P or 2K2P ribs.
That is my commuting project. I've just begun my home project. It's another twisted stitch pattern. It is beautiful and complicated. It is too much for my exhausted-from-work brain to memorise the pattern. Every three or five stitch, I have to look up the pattern. Over and over again. But in a way, that makes me relaxing a lot. Knitting is fun and knitting socks is sheer bliss.

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