Sunday, May 27, 2007

Too Short and Too Fine

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This Saturday was a perfect day for washing fleece. The sun was shining and the wind was crisp. It was my second time to wash greasy fleece.

Last time, I asked all of my spinning friends how to wash greasy fleece. Every answer was slightly different from others.
So, I took the easiest way. Put all the fleece in a cleaning net and wash. As a result, I got some very beautiful fiber with crimp with sheen, and some fiber seemed to me washed too much.

This time, I put all the fleece in warm water without cleaning net for about an hour, then put it in warm water with ditergent (we use Monogen, usually) for about 30 minutes. Here I took the cleaning net and put the fleece in it. I put the net in warm water with ditergent and push it gently for a while. I did rinse the net several times, then put it in the spin-dryer.
The result? Well, not so bad as I took a look at condition of the fleece before washing it with ditergent.

However, I have problems to spin this fleece.
The fiber is too short and too fine. It is difficult to hand-card this fiber. It is so fine that teeth of my handcarder don't catch it very well. And it is difficult to spin because it is too short.

I've already washed and spinned some Gotland. I bought them at the same time. And I had no troubles like these with the former fiber.

Now I have some plans: 1. Forget about handcarding and just use flick carder or something, 2. mix with other longer fiber, or 3. forget about spinning and just felt it.



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