Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nothing Much to Do

Plied Shetland and Turkish Spindle
Originally uploaded by Garyou.
Again, I haven't done anything much. I knitted a Flame Wave Sock from _25 Favorite Socks_ a bit, and plied Shetland a bit.
The photo is plied Shetland. I love this Turkish Spindle so much but I still can't spin with it very much. So, I just went for plying. And it turned out very pretty! Still I need more practice, it is delightful to use this spindle.

When I bought the fiber, I asked a person at the shop how I could spin Shetland since this was my first time spinning it. I got answers like "it's easy to spin with" and "you can spin it really fine."
I'm still afraid of fineness. While I was spinning the fiber, I thought it would be much more bulkier when I'd ply than I want.
I had a quick ( and not precise) look at the plied yarn and it is about 14 to 15 wpi average. Wow. This is the finest yarn I spun ever.

What I have in my mind now is to spin much more bulkier yarn. I have some scoured Romney. I'm thinking of spin it into bulky yarn.



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