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This is my second Whitby from _Knitting on the Road_. My first one was also made with Jaeger Matchmaker DK and I love that pair so much. So, I tried again with the same yarn. I used 2 skeins which I bought them on sale. A skein was 300 yen; at that time it costed 780 yen.
I followed the pattern except toes. I decrease the toes to 8 stitches and graft them. For the neat finish, I grafted the two stitches together at the beginning and the end.

One of the reason I love this pattern is it's made with DK weight yarn. It's really warm. I become to knit with fingering weight yarns more than DK weight yarns because most of the sock yarns are fingering weight. Still, it is much warmer and a little faster to work with DK weight yarn.

Another reason is because I love rib and cable patterns for socks. Rib patterns redeem the cable patterns' un-streatchness. There's a purl stitch diamond pattern in the middle and that tells you where you are.

This was my sock project at home. I usually knit socks on commute bus or train. I knit this at home because I wanted to use double pointed needles. I don't use DPN on the bus and train because it's much more dangerous than circular needles.

And I've already started next sock project at home.

Flame Wave Sock in Progress

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