Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Holiday Spinning

Holiday Spinning
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These are what I have done on the last two weekends.
The skein is plied Corriedale. I bought scoured fleece last March. Since then, I card a little and spin a little. Sometimes I find a problem or two while spinning, but that's mainly because I can't card well enough.

On the spindle is plied Merino. I spun it a few months ago. While plying, I found out I wasn't so bad at spinning it. I've been thinking my spinning skill got improved after I started spinning Blue Faced Leicester. That's not like that. My skill's been slowly but steadily improved. Some parts of the yarn are thick and some are fine, but over all, not very bad. At least not very bad as I thought. Plying is going smoothly, that's why.

On the niddy is plied BFL. This is the only yarn that I've already decided what I'm going to knit with. I'm going to knit a garter stitch shawl with lace edging. At first, I was thinking of dyeing the yarn (or fiber). As I spin, the warm yellow-tinged white has grown on me.
So far I plied 100g (about 3.5oz). I'm halfway through plying.



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