Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Still Suffering from an Accident

I still felt dizzy this morning. In the afternoon, I felt a bit better. I just felt strange around that time.
But now, I'm suffering from a severe headache. It's something like twitching ache. I'm badly thirsty and don't want to knit, tat, crochet nor spin at all.

This morning, there was another injury accident on the same line. This time, I came to know that before I got on the train. I just chose other line and got to the office.
We have too many injury accidents by trains these days. I went to school by same bus and train I take to the office now, but when I was a highschool student, there were few accidents. For three years, I have hardly had hard time with the train accidents. The biggest problem I encountered at that time was an earthquake intensity 4 and all the trains were stopped. We had a long-distance running race on that day and were all too tired.

Well, I'd better go to bed right away.



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