Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No Yarn, No Fiber, No Thread

I'm just exhausted. I've been stuck in commute train for 105 minutes. One of the train went before us hit someone and we've all been stuck in messy crowded train. The train stopped compeletly for 30 mintues, or, at least the conductor said so. And usually I'm on board for a little more than 30 minutes.
The conductor told us not to get out of the train. It was so crowded and I was pushed from all sides. There is a passanger who leaned on others. How cruel!
I felt four times that I couldn't stand it anymore. I felt so dizzy. It was cold because the air-conditioning were running, but I broke out in a nervous sweat several times.
I thought of getting off at the next station, but I didn't. The next train would be much more crowded and I would miss the bus if I was too late.

I still feel dizzy. I hope I will not get cramps in my legs while I'm sleeping.



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