Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Too Much for a Sock

Upside-down Sock in Progress
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Summer of Socks 2007 is great. I've been inspired a lot since the summer solstice. Everybody's doing tremendously wonderful jobs.
Before SOS2007 began, I was thingking of choosing the patterns out of my knitting pattern dictionaries. I have quite a number of patterns I'd love to use for socks.
Now, I really want to knit Breeze. I've seen some of the members of SOS 2007 already made their Breeze and every pair is so nice.

However, I'm working on two different socks in progress and the picture shows my home project, Upside-down socks.
I took this pattern from the book _Knitting Patterns Book 250_ by SHIDA Hitomi.
I enjoy knitting this pattern so much, but I've already noticed.
This pattern is too much for a sock.

What is too much?
Well, too decorative, too much work and yet less stretchy.
It must be nice for a vest or a sweater, but not for socks.

I call this "Upside-down" because I knit from the cuff. You see, the pattern book usually shows how to knit from the bottom, hence I made the last pair, Twisted Stitch Socks, from toe up.
This time, it seems interesting to see the pattern upside-down, so I just started knitting from the cuff. I like the way the pattern comes out, and anyway, if I look down my foot put on this sock, I can see it from the right side.

Upside-down Sock in Progress

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  • Sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with your sock because it's very beautiful! But one shouldn't knit something that one does not like, of course.

    By Blogger katarinaw, At 1:08 AM  

  • Oh, you are so sweet, Katarina. Thank you very much for your kind comment.
    I love this pattern and it was so fun to knit it. But, I don't think it goes well with sock. And I think I've learned a lot from knitting this pair.

    By Blogger Garyo, At 12:59 AM  

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