Sunday, April 30, 2006

[Knitting] Still I Finished Some Objects

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Hideous Working Project will start its service in May. That means 1 or 2 more months to go to me.

I'm still awfully busy. Average time I spend in my house per day is less than 6 hours on weekday.
But hopefully it would get better after the second week in May.

And I also knit. Maybe I'm very good at finding time for knitting. Maybe Too Good.

This is hedera from 2006 spring Knitty.
I thought, "I must knit them!" when I first saw them. I happened to have the yarns the pattern calls for in different shade. I've bought Rowan 4ply Soft to knit gloves at first. But, you see, they turned into a pair of socks.

I enjoyed extemely well knitting this sock. The yarn is gorgeous and the pattern is fun to knit. Rowan 4ply Soft might be too luxurious for socks, but I'm very happy with this yarn and also satisfied with the result.

I used aluminum size 1 double pointed needles. I'm the one for those double pointed needles. It is delightful to knit sock, glove, mitten, and so on with them. I did used 2 circular needles to knit a pair of socks all at once, it was an interesting experience, but it was not as fun as the one double-pointed needles give me.
Well, circular or double pointed is a matter of personal preference as well as the material of the needles.
I usually use bamboo needles and these days, I sometimes use rosewood or ebony. I don't like plastic needles very much.
And I think aluminum needles are also not for me. They make my hands ache.

But that gives me a time to knit these socks. I had to stop knitting before my hands ach. I knit more slowly than usual and I had very good time knitting.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Knitting - My First Alice Starmore

dunadd in progress
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I've never thought someday I would try knitting Alice Starmore design.
Not that I don't have any books of her nor that I don't like her design.
I love her design. I look for her books in any way possible.

But... well, I'm sort of a coward, sort of a chicken. Looks so complicated and that makes me stall.

One day, I happened to go see Virtual Yarns and found two kids wrapped around Dunadds as if they were vikings.

Wow! I want to knit one, I thought.

And the other day, when I came home late as usual something like 1:30 in the morning (or night?), they were waiting for me. They, awesome skeins of Hebridean 3Ply in Driftwodd colourway.

How can I tell the beauty of the yarn? It looks brown, but it's not; it looks gray, but it's not. And at the same time, it is brown and gray with dusky purple. Colours are so subtle just like a piece of wood left its home island and washed and washed uncoutable times by waves.
And how wonderful you feel when you squeeze one of the skeins. It's just marvelous. I can't resist this yarn.

So, last week, I came home after midnight as usual on weekdays, but I just couldn't leave Dunadd. I just put my sleeping time second to Dunadd.

Well, that did harm me a lot.
I learend a little and I didn't knit it this week until Saturday.

I have a long way to go, but I'm not worrying a bit.
I know I can make it.

Even though it takes me a year or two.


[Knitting] Time Is Not On My Side (Maybe)

jaywalker in progress
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Desperately wanting for time to knit, tat, or crochet.
This week, all I could do was knitting a couple of rows for Jaywalker per day.

I did more last week. All of a sudden, I started to knit Dunadd. Everyday came home after midnight, I just couldn't resist Dunadd. Pulled out yarn and needle from a knitting bag, I knitted and knitted.
That surely did harm on me a lot.

In repentance, I gave up the idea of knitting Dunadd on weekday. I even quitted knitting after I got home from work.
Instead, I kept looking for a spare time and when I found it I knitted my Jaywalker.
My achievement for this week is 10 or so rows of Jaywalker.

That makes me think a lot.
I shouldn't buy more yarn since I don't have time to knit. The same thing could say about books on knitting. These days, I've bought too much knitting books.

But, before I knew it, my stash has been expanded and my bookshelf are full of jammed knitting books.

This is what they call "vicious circle", or beginning of vicious circle.