Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crochet My Love

Brueghel Lace Scarf in Progress
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It's been a while since last time I crochetted.
This happnes a lot.
Now I tat the most, but then, I knit the most, and so on.
That doesn't mean I do nothing other than knit while I'm hooked to knit. I also tat, crochet and spin once in a while. And sometimes, I just do what I'm hooked only.
Anyway, I've been away from crochet for quite a while.

This method is called brueghel lace. You make a long tape with loops and join some loops together. I believe this is one of the methods of bobbin lace, but not so sure.
I've tried this method for crochet and always failed to count rows and loops.
But this time, I'm doing ok so far.

Also, I crochet in a very relaxed manner. I've been a tight crocheter ever since I began crochet lace. This time, I try not to crochet too tight, rather, try to crochet without strain, but not too loose.
And so far, it turns out very nice fabric.

The photo below shows the book contains this pattern. It is my favourite book. It is rather old book, but doesn't matter. I've made several stuffs out of this book.

I'm using Jaeger's Matchmaker Merino 4 Ply. I really love this yarn. It is the "yarn." My idea. I'm so sad it is out of production. Or isn't it?

Brueghel Lace Scarf in Progress

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